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Why not come along to a Pelvic floor workshop, learn more about the function of the pelvic floor muscles and how it can help you, what can go wrong and how to remedy the problems. These are very relaxed events attended by women who are pro active about their health.


Why not organise a group of friends and make a social event of it "cake, tea and a bit of down below Physiotherapy" or an evening of "Prosecco and the Pelvic Floor".


Contact me if you would like more information on our events or to discuss organising an event.



Date and Time:

Wednesday 2nd October | 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm


The Cottage 

Ashlyns Hall

Chesham Road 




Come along to a wonderful informal 90 min workshop hosted by; 
Becky Aston (Women's Health Physio specialist) & Sarah Pearson (Holisitic Core Restore® coach)

We will take you through a wealth of simple information about your pelvic floor and core. We'll help you to learn how to find, connect with & strengthen the entire core and pelvic floor system, what is/feels right, what is/feels wrong, why woman can leak urine, what is a prolapse and how can we deal with one, and how to exercise effectively. 

Ideal for ALL women but perfect if you are;
Post natal
Peri menopausal
Leak when you laugh, cough, sneeze, exericse
Have the urge to go to the toilet and then NEED to go
Have suffered with gynaecological issues or injury
Love running and other high impact sports and what to look after your body
Have pressure or pain in your vagina/rectum 
Have a prolapse and want to learn more about your body 
Want to get clued up on your own body!

£25 per person with nibbles and goodie bag included, (very limited spaces). 

Please complete this form to reserve your place and receive payment information.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Sarah & Becky xx &

Pelvic Floor & Core Health Workshop:

Becky Aston & Sarah Pearson